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Where is Texas Skydiving?

What are your hours of operation?

How do I book my jump?

How much does skydiving cost?

Should I tip the staff?

Is there a minimum age requirement to skydive?

Is there a maximum age requirement to skydive?

Is there a weight limit to skydive?

What are the physical requirements to skydive?

Can I skydive if I have a disability?

What time should I get to the dropzone?

How long should I expect to be at the DZ for my tandem?

What if the weather’s bad?

What is your refund / reschedule / cancellation policy?

What should I wear to skydive?

Should I eat before skydiving?

Can I drink before skydiving?

Is there food and beverage for sale at the DZ?

Are there accommodations at the DZ?

Can I bring a group skydiving?

Will our group jump together?

Can I bring friends and family to watch me jump?

Are the farm animals friendly?

Can I host an event at the DZ?

Can I split my video package with a friend, or with my group?

Can I bring my GoPro on my jump?

Does my first skydive have to be a tandem?

What does skydiving feel like?

How hard is the landing?

What if the parachute doesn't open?

How can I become a licensed skydiver?

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