Our beautiful drop zone, situated in the countryside between Austin and College Station, offers beautiful scenery away from the stress of the city, in a rural setting designed to give you a total and unique experience. Making a skydive is like taking a two-week vacation in the space of a few hours, and that's especially true at Texas Skydiving! Take in the fresh air and check out the free-ranging farm animals in a peaceful farm setting, then enjoy the pulse-pounding adrenaline rush of free-fall at 120 miles per hour!

Safety Record

Your safety is our number one priority and we go to great lengths to ensure a fun and safe jump. Our commitment to safety is apparent in our highly trained staff, new state of the art equipment, and the attention we dedicate to each student. All equipment surpasses the safety standards of the US Parachute Association and the Parachute Industry Association.


Clean Comfortable Facilities

We’re a small drop zone with big drop zone amenities! From our carpeted and air-conditioned indoor packing area, to our shaded spectator pavilions with tables and seating, to our HUGE and safe 100-acre landing area and private airstrip, we fly in style!

Individual Attention

Texas Skydiving is intentionally small with a staff like a family, which means we can give you the individual attention that will make your experience unforgettably amazing. At Texas Skydiving, your instructor will know your name, your desires for the jump (Do you want to do flips? Do you want to help steer?), and your concerns. This is not a cattle-call environment, like those found at some larger facilities. We stay small and focus on the individual to allow our staff to help you perform your best. But don't take our word for it! Check out our reviews at  Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

In addition, our online reservation process and pricing are simple and straight-forward, and we’ll never employ high-pressure sales tactics.  All of these factors contribute to your comfort, which allows you to have the most fun. You're here to have the time of your life, and our job is to make that happen!

Highly Experienced and Certified Staff

Texas Skydiving is affiliated with Skydive University, a rigorous program of "post-graduate" work for skydiving instructors. It only takes a basic USPA instructor rating to train students, but many of our staff continue their training and go on to earn Skydive University Coach ratings.

★★★★★ - This place was fun, quick, safe, and easy! They made my first jump memorable because of how they took their time in the air and were great about not prolonging the nerves. We only spent 1 hour here for the whole experience, and it was one for the record books!
— Taylor W.