Is there any better gift than the life-affirming (even life-changing!) gift of human flight? We don’t think so! Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, holiday, anniversary, or just to satisfy a “need for speed,” a skydive is the ideal way to celebrate. Click below to visit our Gift Certificate Store, and buy that special someone an unforgettable adventure!

Terms and Conditions

• Gift certificates are non-refundable and have no redeemable cash value.

• Gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue, and fully transferable to any eligible party.

• Jumpers must weigh 250 pounds or less (fully clothed) and be height/weight proportionate.

• Jumper must be AT LEAST 18 on the day of jump.

• To redeem a gift certificate, please contact Texas Skydiving to set up a reservation.