Booking tandem skydives online is easy, just click the yellow button above and follow the steps! If you are interested in booking a SOLO skydive, please call us at 979-540-8336.


A few things to keep in mind when booking your skydive:

  • If you don't see the slots you prefer, please contact us. We will always accommodate wherever possible.

  • Weekend schedules can fill up quickly, so jumpers (and especially groups) are encouraged to reserve as soon as your plans are firm. Reserving one or two weeks in advance will typically ensure you get your desired time slot. We can take reservations up to 2 hours in advance, and we take walk-ins when possible, but availability can be limited.

  • Reservations require a non-refundable $50 deposit per jumper, which will be applied to the total cost of the jump on arrival.

  • Skydiving is weather-dependent! If inclement weather delays or cancels jumps, rescheduling will be required, so please have a backup plan in mind. Remember, deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and will remain on your account until used. If you have special circumstances (ie. only in town for the weekend), please contact us BEFORE making your reservation.


There are two easy ways to reserve slots for your group:

  • If you plan on paying the deposits for everyone in your group, simply set up the reservation using the first and last names of each person. You can optionally add their email addresses so they each get a confirmation email.

  • If each jumper will pay separately, simply create your own reservation, then share the group number in your confirmation email. Your friends can use it to join your group when creating their own reservations.

  • Please contact us if you don’t see enough slots for your group, we can help!

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